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  • The Czech Hospital was established in Arandu in 2007 by former Czech climbers Dina Sterbova and Vita Dokoupil. Over the years, it has saved hundreds of lives, especially those of children and mothers, and has come a long way since its inception. In addition to providing continuous medical care and a yearly supply of medicine, a school, a staff house, and a dormitory for students from the Arando valley (the Czech hostel in Skardu) have also been built. To transport serious patients from the Basha and Braldu valleys to the DHQ hospital in Skardu, two Toyota 84 ATVs have been purchased. Drinking water has been brought to Arando, Gon, and several pastures, and a tractor and thresher machine have been donated to benefit the residents of Arando. The extremely dangerous access road from Doko to Arandu has been reconstructed to prevent repeat road accidents, and several bridges have been built as well.

  • It's difficult to give a comprehensive list of all the positive changes that the Czech Hospital, a Czech NGO, has brought to the former medieval lifestyle in Arando and the Upper Basha valley since 2007. The achievements mentioned above were made possible through the financial contributions of various donors, including the significant contributions of the founders of the Czech Hospital.

  • The founding of the travel agency, Arando Adventure Pakistan (AAP), after the construction of the Czech campsite (2020-2021) and the Czech hotel (2022), is a logical conclusion to the long-term efforts and energy invested to ensure the sustainability of financing the running costs of the Czech Hospital in the future.

  • By using the services of AAP you will not only get a lot of unique experiences , but above all you will contribute to pay the running costs of the Czech hospital because a significant part of AAP’s income is used to purchase the medicines ,employee wages and the maintenance and the innovation of the hospital equipment .

Dina and the very first saved patient Azam  2007


  • The hospital in Arando is equipped with all important drugs (antibiotics, analgesics, drugs against intestinal infections, including parasitic, antihypertensives, antiasthmatics), diagnostic equipment (measurement of blood oxygen saturation, blood hemoglobin levels, examination of basic biochemical parameters, ultrasound).

  • A very well-educated medical brother, Najaf is trained in internal medicine, ultrasound diagnostics in pregnant women, is experienced in treating wounds and fractures, pulling teeth (using local anesthesia).

  • You won't find such a well-equipped hospital just 20 km from the seven-thousander mountain anywhere else in the world!

Injured hand
Injured hand
Injured hand

An example of sharpening an injured hand of local shepard *

photo : Czech  HOSPITAL 

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Welcome visitors,  if you feel please  donate to our Czech hospital project and you will save many lives.

You can get all the infomation here directly from the founder and guarantor of the entire project Mrs Dina Štěrbová


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